Making Time for Your Spouse a Priority

cemetery-1472149_1920My mom always said, “Make date night a priority now so when the kids are gone, you still know him.” She’d seen too many couples, herself included, focus on their kids and then when the kids are gone, the parents barely remember why they fell in love. They don’t know each other anymore because they didn’t make time along the way.

Last week we talked about taking time for ourselves and how sometimes moms just need a break! I know I need at least 15 minutes of down time every day and if I can get 60 minutes? A dream!

Sometimes we forget dads need a break too. This week’s video by Kristina Kuzmic encouraged moms who feel like a failure because maybe their hair is messy or their shirt is stained or how sleep deprivation looks like being drunk. 

It was funny because I feel like that too. I mean, how can you look all put together all the time when you’re raising kids? I can’t. 

I confess I sometimes get caught up on the comments and I couldn’t help reading comments on this video from dads chiming in. One dad said dads work hard too and they need a break just as bad as moms do. He’s absolutely right. ANYONE raising a family needs a break.

Are you making time for your spouse? Prioritizing so he feels loved too? Making sacrifices so he gets a break too?

Take a break together. Do me a favor. Save your change for a year and then cash in it for a weekend away with your spouse. You’ll be surprised at how quickly those quarters add up! We started this a year ago and it’s been the best thing for our marriage. 

Last year, Hubs surprised me with a getaway weekend to celebrate our birthdays and it was awesome. Expensive, and not in our budget, but worth it because we invested in our marriage. Since then, we’ve exchanged the spur of the moment trip with a planned trip and saved change.

I didn’t realize how important it was for Hubs to spend time alone with just me until he said that the getaway trip was the best weekend of that entire year. There were no kids demanding our attention and we focused on each other. 

This isn’t just for us. You and your spouse need a break too! So what do you say? Invest in your marriage this year and save up those quarters for a getaway weekend. It may be a hotel room in your town and a burger and fries for dinner, but if that’s what you can afford, do it! 

Your marriage is worth it. Make your spouse a priority and make sure you both get a break. ?


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