Turning 10: A tradition we didn’t mean to start

The thing about having more than one kid means when you plan something memorable for one kid’s birthday, the rest expect the same. Somewhere deep in my mind, I assumed this because it’s only natural to treat each child fairly. I forgot about it though. We were out of town without my husband when our firstborn turned ten years old. It was one of those memorable birthdays you want the whole family to participate in. I didn’t want her to miss out because her dad wasn’t there.

Because I wanted to make her day special, I ran to the store the evening before for balloons, streamers, and giant paper. After she fell asleep, I hung the streamers and balloons from her bedroom door. Spreading out the paper and crayons, I covered the sheet with 10 things we love about you. What better way to celebrate than pointing out the positives of her personality?


Turning 10: a tradition we didnt mean to start

The Tradition Begins: Our 1st 10-year-old

We’d filled small bags with gifts of tens –10 peppermint sticks, 10 bottles of nail polish, 10 colorful pens, etc. She opened them throughout the day and declared it the best day ever.

Not the end of the story.

The Tradition Continues

Because we have five other kids, they expect the same! I didn’t realize this until last week when my nine-year-old reminded me of her tenth birthday. She said she couldn’t wait to find tens of everything all day and see what fun things we wrote about her.


You know, I’m just glad it wasn’t an expensive trip out of town or something crazy like that. 😉 I can handle huge banners telling them all the ways we love them. This month’s new ten-year-old woke up to balloons covering her bedroom floor and ribbons with bells on making a curtain over her doorway. The 10 things we love about you banner didn’t disappoint her either, especially #4.  

#4. You make cakes explode in the oven. She’s a great sport and we often tease her about her kitchen disasters. She never stops trying and I applaud her perseverance but the chemical reactions of her cakes are hilarious.

So while this celebration wasn’t exactly the same, it included all the ingredients of a memorable milestone birthday. The birthday banner boasted her best qualities and just how much she’s loved. The silly bedroom decor provided a fun aspect to commemorate her growing older. You’re never too old to have fun in this life. <3  

Share a Tradition

I think traditions were a big part of my childhood, from first days at school to birthdays to graduations. I learned to celebrate milestones and achievements. Life was good. It still is. I love finding little reasons to celebrate anything around here!

Not everyone grows up in a home like mine though, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start traditions now with your own family. I’d love to hear a tradition of your childhood or one you carry on now with your family. Share them below in the comments or on Facebook.

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