Welcome to The Farm Wyfe blog! Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and make yourself comfortable as you read about life on the farm, homeschooling, yummy recipes, and so much more!

My smokin’ hot husband is a third-generation farmer and we are raising our quiverful (six kiddos!) on the farm. I love sharing about my faith and farming, cooking and chasing kids, loving and laundry –but not loving laundry! If you’re family is anything like ours, it’s crazy but amazing and filled with God’s promises every time you look your child in the eye. If you’re into DIY projects, I share some of those too but be prepared to search your home (and maybe the trash!) to make an awesome project only spending pennies. If you’re a homeschooling mama, I share about how we make homeschooling with twins work for us. If you’re just here for a good time, you’ll have plenty to laugh about as you read all about what raising six kids is really like!

I hope as you read through my blog, you find inspiration and encouragement. I hope you see my strength comes from the Lord and without Him, I am nothing. I hope as you read about our family, you find joy and countless reasons to laugh with your own family because a merry heart does good like medicine (Proverbs 17:22). Thank you for staying a while at The Farm Wyfe blog! We covet your comments and if there is something you like, by all means, share with your friends!




  1. Christina Ladner says:

    I just recently discovered your fabulous Instagram and now your website as well… it has been inspiring and entertaining to say the least! Thank you for the blessings you bring as you share your world with us. I did try to subscribe when a box popped up giving me the option, however my phone then decided to do something wacky and the box disappeared and I don’t think the request went through. Now I can’t find any other place here on the website to sign up. Help, please? Lol, I would love to be on your email list. Thanks so much…. I pray you and yours are as blessed as all those whose lives you touch.

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