10 Tips for Moms of Boys


“A boy’s story is the best that is ever told.” -Charles Dickens

  1. Never ever startle them when they’re holding a sharp object or climbing. Because boys.
  2. When they get hurt, don’t freak out. If it’s bloody or broken, take deep breaths and get them urgent care. But do not cry or panic or they will too. Because boys.
  3. Keep groceries stocked. You don’t want to find yourself low on food with growing boys or you never know what they might end up eating instead, like glue or nerf balls. Because boys
  4. Get them each their own toothpaste tube. I realize this means more messes for you but hey-it’s healthier all around. Because boys
  5. Invest in tubs of oxyclean for their laundry. Because boys.
  6. Give them tools only when you have time to teach them how to repair everything they will take apart. It will happen. Because boys.
  7. Avoid the smell test whenever possible. Just assume the laundry is dirty. Because boys.
  8. Just embrace mass destruction and live like a minimalist. Or mentalist. Because boys.
  9. Teach them chores at an early age, like two year old when they’re learning to pee on the shower curtain and not in the toilet. What better time to learn how to clean a bathroom! Because boys.
  10. At the end of the day, when those grubby, chubby arms slide around your neck and their sweet voice says, “Mama, I love you,” just love them back and know you make a difference in your boy’s life. 

Being a mom of boys is the best, hardest job ever but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Would you?

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