When Your Baby is the Harvest

Have you had those long, exhausting days when you just want to walk in the door and pass out in your bed? The kids are fighting, the family is hungry, the laundry needs washing, the sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, and you just need a break?

Yeah, me too.

This time of year is our harvest time and it’s so busy it kind of passes in a blur. Homeschooling? meh. Cleaning? meh. Eating? We should probably make that a priority…

We’ll get back in a groove soon but for now, it’s 90 to nothing, hauling in the corn as fast as we can, praying the storms stay away long enough to bring in the crop. We put our time in plowing, planting, fertilizing, cultivating, and now we just wait. The crop is our baby. We’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into it, waiting and praying for a good harvest.

Know what I’m talking about? Do you have a “baby” like that? Maybe your job, or a project, or your children? When you give your absolute best effort and then you wait, pray, and trust in the Lord?

If you’ve been giving your all to your “baby” and you are worn out, you are in good company. Don’t give up. Don’t doubt your efforts. Keep going. Keep trying. Keep praying. And trust the Lord that no matter the outcome, He knew it all along.



Because you’re probably as tired as I am, a few friends and I put this giveaway together for you so you could be “babied” or “pampered” a bit. Who doesn’t love coming home to find a box of goodies waiting on their steps for them? This will be like an early Christmas for the giveaway winner with each package coming separately. Woohoo!



  1. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. This is Lysa’s newest book, released last month, and absolutely life changing. Rejection is something we all deal with at some point in our life and Lysa tackles this subject head on, exploring the pain of rejection and the promises of God’s love. You’ll want to put this book on your reading list!
  2. Lemongrass Spa gift certificate. Lemongrass Spa wants to provide you and your family with natural, effective products that are both indulgent and purposeful. Their Healing Elements ointment is a “miracle cream” in our family, healing everything from bug bites to scratches to acne to burns. Their skincare and makeup are amazing too!
  3. Rodan & Fields mini facial. Who doesn’t want to be pampered? This mini facial is liquid gold and it’s just a glimpse into their incredible line of products. You can check out Michelle’s other products here.
  4. Autumn necklace. This is a beautiful matte gold & bronze 40″ necklace by Premier Designs. A perfect accessory for your fall outfits!
  5. Lulacash. Have you tried those super cute, soft Lularoe leggings? I have a couple pairs and they’re so comfortable! Not into them? You can use this Lulacash on ANY of their clothes!
  6. Zephaniah 3:17 mug. This has become one of my favorite Scripture verses lately and my sweet friend at The Perfectly Peared made this awesome gift for y’all! Kimberly is giving a 10% discount, just use the coupon code “farmwyfe” at checkout and customize your mug with your favorite watercolor background and favorite Bible verse!
  7. Shaklee Basic-H2 Organic Cleaner Collection. This is what we use to clean with and it lasts forever! This gift set from Rita Lovely includes 16 oz Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning concentrate, 3 Get Clean spray bottles, a Super Microfiber cleaning cloth, a Super Microfiber Window cloth, and more! Shaklee believes home should be the safest place in the world!
  8. Minnie Mouse Jamberry wraps. Disney fans? You’ll want these! These adorable wraps are so convenient and easy to apply! Sarah is including a mini application kit with these sweet wraps.


I wonder if I can keep all this for myself…? Nah… Seriously, this is an awesome giveaway worth over $215 swag! Share this baby with your friends on social media! Subscribe to the blog for more inspirational content (like our upcoming story about growth from the overflow!) and be the first to find out about future giveaways!








*Please note: This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.


  1. Kristin says:

    This is so nice Amanda. Thank you always for the encouraging words! I’d share this with my sister who could use some pamper time too.

  2. Christina says:

    Amanda I’m not sure how you do it but you make other momma’s I’m sure think suck it up buttercup. Thank you for letting us know Superwoman gets tired too!

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