The Greatest Gift: Are You My Jesus?

Are you my Jesus?

Born into a world, lost and confused, we spend our time searching for things to fill this void. We KNOW there’s something out there so we try everything.
Popularity. Perfection. Pursuing interests. Promiscuity. Politics. 

We keep running, keep trying, keep searching for that something we feel deep down is missing but we don’t even know what it is.

And then one day, someone introduces us to him.


The story, filled with drama and suspense, as a young teenage mother finds herself in favor of God and sporting a baby bump she didn’t get from her fiancé.

They trek to a little town called Bethlehem which means, “house of bread,” to be counted in the census but there’s no vacancy anyway.

They find themselves in a manger where this baby is born. No fancy Shutterfly announcements. No hospital bells pealing announcing a new birth. Just quiet with the occasional lowing of the cow in the next stall.

Ahhhh, but not so unannounced. Just not shared in the way we might expect of a new baby.

IMG_2310-0Unknown to them, lowly shepherds watch the night sky fill with angels proclaiming the birth of the long-awaited Messiah. 

The shepherds find this precious baby under the star in the stable just as the angels said. The very first people besides the parents to meet the new king. Jesus. The Lord saves. 
What a night!

The Light of the world lay under a brightly shining star, the light that led the shepherds and then later, the magi, to the prince of peace.

The greatest gift ever given. 🎁

They worshipped. They praised. They spread the good news of great joy that the promised Messiah was here.

Do you know Him?

And if you do, do you feel that overwhelming sense of awe that sends you scrambling to share the good news with others? 

IMG_2431-0To share the good news with the ragged, bun-head, yoga-pants-clad mom in the parking lot, loading up her babies and groceries, trying not to lose either, sharing that she doesn’t have to do it alone?

To the forlorn older man, people watching from his perch on the hard, plastic bench in the mall that he IS NOT alone and there’s someone who loves and cares for him?

To the cashier, tossing your goods across the scanner, just caring about a paycheck to make ends meet that there is someone who will meet ALL their needs?

To the little girl whose parents abandoned her who has no idea what real love is that there is One who will NEVER leave her and loves her so much He sent His Son to die on the cross for her as payment for her sins?

Yes? No? I wonder how often those conversations come up in daily life?

IMG_2313But the real question is if we have the opportunity, why aren’t we sharing the good news of Jesus? Why aren’t we spreading hope to a hopeless world? Have we loss the sense of awe those shepherds experienced on that very first Christmas?

What if we welcome back into our world, that sense of wonder, that breathless excitement to share that the prophecies of old came true and the Messiah WAS born?
That He came to save sinners and that He is in heaven preparing a place for His children right now?
Christmas isn’t just for kids and building excitement to present gifts. It’s for accepting the greatest gift ever and sharing our Savior’s love with those who desperately need it.
Have you done that this Christmas? 
There’s still time. 
There are plenty of opportunities to take a 60-second timeout and tell someone the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
You can do it. I know you can. And so can I.
Ask the Lord to open your eyes this Christmas to the lost and needy, the hopeless and desperate, and let the Holy Spirit speak through you to give the best news ever to them. To heal their hurting and broken hearts, to meet them where they are, and to give them an everlasting hope.
Because this Christmas can be the best one yet if we remember the reason we celebrate.

For others

Give the gift of hope this Christmas. Give them the good news. Spread hope and love and kindness, but most of all–the gospel.

For yourself

Give yourself to the Lord. Already know Him? Give Him your time, your talents, your love. Give Him your best of everything. ❤️
Merry Christmas!



  1. Susan Evans says:

    “Why aren’t we sharing the good news of Jesus? Why aren’t we spreading hope to a hopeless world?” Good question. Most Christians are miserable and are on pharmaceudical drugs just to survive because their lives are a living hell because people in Christian leadership are not holy but corrupt and do nothing to teach people the basics of how to treat one another. It’s just teaching of information from the Bible, not empowerment for reaching out and loving others more than ourselves, which I see very few Christians doing.

  2. Donna Miller says:

    I love sharing about Jesus. I want to get back the ‘breathless wonder’ you wrote about. I pray that we all are filled with so much awe over our beautiful Lord Jesus this Christmas!! Blessings to you, Donna

  3. Tanya Gioia says:

    The manger scene is so important to me I keep one up all year. Love the pictures the surrounding of a heavenly king with ordinary people. The struggle of birth and the two young parents trying to make sense of it all. Hours of gazing on its meaning.

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