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Amanda Wells is the proud wife of her smokin’ hot third generation farmer husband and they have taken Psalm 127:5 literally –raising their quiverful of six kids on the farm. She loves baking, reading, writing, and arithmetic (kidding!). Amanda enjoys speaking with small groups of women–even little women–about where their beauty comes from and the truth about their worth. She creatively weaves hilarious stories of their family and farm life throughout her topic and you’ll be sure to hang onto every word! If you’re interested in having Amanda speak at your next event, choose from one of the listed topics and send us an email. Thank you!

  • Lady, You’re Worth It – Unveiling the Truth About Your Value
  • True Beauty – Finding Your Beauty Comes From Inside
  • Managing Your Mom Duties –and everything else too!
  • Faith like a Farmer –Cultivating and Fertilizing Your Faith
  • Growing Through Grief –Practical Steps to Take When You’ve Lost a Loved One

If you’re interested in having Amanda speak at your event, contact us at thefarmwyfe@aol.com. Thank you!

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