One Way Your Family Can Make a Difference

This post is sponsored by The Fancy Feather.

Have you seen those adorable kids decked out in handmade clothing and bows bigger than their heads? Cute, right? Before I had kids, I dreamed of having little girls dressed in boutique clothing and huge fancy bows on their heads. I forgot I’d married a farmer, not a fashionista. And then I had two girls who were the best of friends but hated bows. Or headbands. Or anything cute. They loved wearing John Deere shirts and jeans with smudges of dirt across their cheeks.

They still aren’t crazy about bows but they do like their dresses now and were thrilled to model these dresses by The Fancy Feather. Aren’t they cute?

The Fancy Feather is a boutique clothing company started in August 2016 to support the indigenous women of Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca. The lovely women of Pluma Hidalgo are hardworking, incredibly gifted artisans who produce breathtaking and one-of-a-kind hand embroidered pieces. The Fancy Feather exists to help them channel those talents into the creation of high quality, unique clothing with a purpose – to bring hope and economic stability to a people group who would otherwise have no means of sharing their talent and providing for their families!

My favorite part of these dresses are the stories they tell. On the inside of each dress is a tag with a handwritten date and name of the dress’s creator. If the name doesn’t satisfy you, you can click this link and join the Facebook group and read the story of the woman who made your dress. She’s not a machine. She’s real. And she’s able to support her family making an honest living sewing these dresses.

I love that. I love it even more because The Fancy Feather is the brainchild of my friend, Mary.

Mary’s a mom to four beautiful kids and a missionary to Mexico where her and her husband minister to the community of Pluma Hidalgo. I’ve never had to live in a shack or sweep my dirt floor but that’s how these people live. They’ve experienced hard times and suffering but they’ve overcome it and that’s what I see in every stitch of these gorgeous handsewn dresses. Hope. Faith. Joy. Love.

Don’t we all need a little bit of that?

I picture the women of Pluma as little girls, sitting at the knees of their mom or grandma, watching with curious eyes as they pull the thread through the fabric one stitch at a time. I imagine them watching until they’re confident enough to try it on their own. What a beautiful, incredible skill and talent passed down from generation to generation! A legacy passed on to create beauty from the ashes where they’ve come.

Each dress is one-of-a-kind with unique detailing down to the flowers sewn on the sash. I looked but I couldn’t find fault with these beauties. Whether you’re into boutique clothing or not, purchasing a Fancy Feather dress is a great way to support the women of Pluma Hidalgo and hey–your girls will be stylin’ too!

This is a fun way to get your family involved in giving. Consider saving your change throughout the year and choosing a place to spend it every other month or so. Church. Charity. Or The Fancy Feather.

Mary even started making tops for moms so if you’re into matching your daughter (or son!), there’s that option as well. Every week is a new release of dresses in stock, so be sure to join the Facebook group so you’ll receive notifications before the live sale. And know this–the dresses go quick so be prepared to move fast!

If you’d like to read the rest of Mary and Nathan’s story, you can check it out here. If you’re interested in your own one-of-a-kind, handcrafted dress, bookmark The Fancy Feather in your browser. Check out this week’s release for beautiful Easter dresses and more!

And if you’re girls are a little more into dirt than dresses right now, don’t worry–they’ll grow out of it! And check out The Fancy Feather in the meantime. 😉

I received these complimentary dresses in exchange for an honest review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


  1. Renee Snow says:

    Love this blog and we love the amazing Mary Stanley! The women of Pluma Hidalgo are so talented! We are so blessed to have a few of their works of art!!! What an wonderful group of women. Thank you for taking time to write this beautiful blog Amanda!!

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