Life is fragile, take the picture

I rifled through stacks of photo albums, intent on finding a picture of my mom. But there weren’t any. Growing up, she was always the one behind the camera recording our memories. As an adult, I coerced her into a few pictures, mainly ones with her grandkids, but she shied away from the camera.

I wish we would’ve had one more day to capture her bright smile, to have one last picture of her arm slung around us. Life is fragile. We didn’t know those were our last moments together or we might’ve made them different. We might’ve taken 30 seconds to snag a candid picture, frozen forever on a 4×6.

But we didn’t.

I listen to my kids laugh and smile at the sweet pictures they have with their Gaga. I wish I had some of those. We don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past.

We all love someone, so take it from one griever to another–take the picture. Make sure you’re both in the picture, or all of you if it’s your family. Don’t leave anyone out. You never know when life will snatch you away and your loved ones will be left without a precious photograph of you–or you of them.

Take the picture.

For candids, just make sure to get everyone in the picture. How thankful are we for selfie sticks now?!?!?

Hiring a professional photographer is pricey but worth it. One friend suggested saving your change throughout the year and then using it for family photographs. What a great, frugal way to capture amazing pictures of your loved ones!

Please hear me on this. I know we don’t always feel at our best with our weight or our looks, but don’t let that stop you from being IN the picture. If you’re 10 lbs overweight, take the pic. If your hair shows grays, take the pic. Even if your face is broken out, take the pic. For your family, take the picture. It’s a forever kind of memory to leave with your loved ones.

Our Family Photoshoot 

Well, these didn’t go as planned. I prepped my kids beforehand, reminding them to listen to Mrs. Emily and do what she said, smile when she said, and just appear to be a sweet family of eight. But I have boys. And they didn’t listen. So here are a few pictures from our photo shoot and while some weren’t what I expected, I’m so thankful Emily captured their true personalities. I’ll always love looking back at these remembering how energetic, fun-loving, and crazy my family is.


Memories Captured by Coastal Girl Photography 

Been waiting for the perfect weight, perfect clothes, perfect time for family photos? Now is the time! Find your favorite photographer and schedule pictures with your loved ones today. 💙  


  1. Dr. K. Lee Banks says:

    So touching and I can so relate! I’ve lost both of my parents, and it’s the pictures of family gatherings that hold such precious memories for me. Yet I still wish I had MORE of me with my Dad or my Mom – because yes, I’m usually the one taking the pics! But this is why I always ask for pictures of me with MY adult kids now, whenever we’re together for some family event. With a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I have to agree with you – life is certainly fragile!

    • Amanda Wells says:

      Dr. Banks, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a difficult thing to lose someone we love. I’m glad to hear you insist on pictures with your kids when you’re together now. I know they’ll cherish the evidence of those happy memories one day. 💙

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