I’m Floored, You’ve Been Laid!

  In honor of our 10th anniversary this month, I’ve graciously let my husband title this blog post since it was really his project so if it sounds a little…umm, like a sexual innuendo, that’s because it probably is.?. And here is where I remember to never let anyone name my posts again! ?

Home projects have overtaken our lives this summer! And when I’m finished sharing these exciting changes with you, I’ll get back to my regular blog posts.?

Our 10 year-old Berber carpet throughout the house desperately needed replacing since our six kids tore it slap up so after we rearranged the kids’ rooms, we set to work on the flooring. 

They were big helpers rolling the old carpet and padding up! The dangerous part occurred when the boys realized how fun it was to run up and down the rolls towards the stone fireplace! Thank the Lord it didn’t end up in another ER visit! These boys….smh.

Ewwww!!! Can you tell from the picture how yucky it was? I wish I would’ve taken a shot of the floor after we rolled the carpet up! There was an inch of good ole’ black farm dirt under it all! (I cannot believe my babies were crawling on that….?).    

And here is all of the glorious boxes of new flooring! We were able to find a great rough-cut, hand scraped laminate that hides dirt and footprints really well and the best part is it was within our budget! Score!

If only you could see that dirt left behind. Gross!            Mama, can we come back inside yet????

 Bless his heart! My hard-working, smokin’ hot third generation farmer husband was burning up trying to cut the trim outside so we moved his work station inside. I won’t even complain a bit about the sore throats we all ended up with from breathing in the sawdust. 

And here is the finished project! I love how it turned out!!! 


What do you think? What summer projects have you been working on?

Until next time,

The Farm Wyfe

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