Hearts of Gratitude: Just Another Day on the Farm

  There is only one distraction on the farm powerful enough to completely disrupt our school morning. The crop duster. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve seen it, the fascination never disappears. 

I don’t know if it’s the color of the bright yellow, one-seater aircraft or its close proximity to the ground as it flies past in a blur, but it completely captivates our children (and myself too, if I’m honest!). 
This morning dawned clear and bright, and all was calm on the farm, the tinkering of metal drifting softly from the barn every now and then. The kids trooped up the steps into the office, arms laden with books, folders, and bags full of food for lunch. Within minutes they were quietly sitting in their desks writing away, some for copy work and others studying science. 
A dull chopping sounded in the distance and grew louder. One look out the window confirmed the crop duster was at work this morning. Pencils fell, and chairs scraped across the floor as the kids jumped up and crowded around the window, seconds before the small yellow plane swooped past, within just feet of our faces, the dust trailing behind and settling over the fields of potato plants. Five excited faces (one was in pre-school at our church) turned to me, pleading with me to run and watch from outside.
  “Absolutely not,” I answered. Their smiling faces turned somber as they stared at one another wondering if I was serious. One brave little voiced piped up, “Please?”
Knowing my chances of focusing their attention now were slim to none so I agreed to a quick break and they ran to watch from under the safety of the barn. Papa, who couldn’t resist their laughter and excitement, set down his tools and joined them under the edge of the barn, gazes locked with the incoming plane.   


 Eventually, the crop duster flew to another field and we returned to our schoolwork but even if it had stayed, everything would’ve been fine, distractions or not. 
I’m thankful for these opportunities to spend every day, all day long, with these precious children, their father, and grandfather. I couldn’t dream up a more beautiful lifestyle, although sometimes this does feel like a dream to me! 
Lest you think the farm life is perfect, let me remind you that by this afternoon, those enchanted children will be shoveling overflow corn off the floor and into barrels, sweeping the barn floor, and experiencing the fullness of farm life.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 107:1

What does your Monday look like? What opportunities will you have this week for family time, to love on one another and have a heart of gratitude for what you’ve been given? I’d love to hear below or hop over to Facebook and join the conversation there!




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