Update: See bottom of post for how this year’s costumes turned out!

Halloween is my least favorite holiday (if it can even be called that!) ever because I’m not a fan of candy, scary costumes (or scary anything!), or buying costumes my kids will only wear for a couple hours. I vowed early on in my motherhood I would never take our kids trick-or-treating and I haven’t yet. I did give in and buy them super cute Tinkerbell costumes when two sweet girls were all we had but now…

Now…I refuse to buy costumes because we have SIX kids and I’m frightfully frugal. And it’s fine. We don’t have costumes ready for our church’s fall festival in TWO days because I like to wait until the last minute. What? I do better under pressure. Sometimes.

We did actually decide on our family costumes (because this is the last year I’ll be able to MAKE them dress up as a theme together!) a few nights ago but I haven’t done anything about it yet. 

So at dinner tonight, we were discussing the fall fest and my daughter volunteered to be Snow White instead of one of the dwarfs she already committed to be a couple nights ago. Umm, no thank you. I’ll be Snow White because I’ve birthed six babies and I own all rights to be the best character for the fall fest even if I hate this whole dressing up thing. Yeah. 

“But mama,” she rolls her eyes (where did she learn that?!?!?) and says, “I really can be Snow White and you can just make me a costume of tulle like you did a few years ago.”

Eyebrows raised, I don’t answer her.

Tiny little thing is persistent. “All you have to do is turn me in circles, twist up the tulle and there you have it–Snow White! Should only take you about 10 minutes!”

And now I know I’ve failed as a mother. You know when you do something really good and someone notices, then you wish you had never done it because they always expect more next time? Yep, that happened. 

So she’ll get her dwarf costume and she can “get what she gets and don’t pitch a fit.” It’ll be an awesome night at fall fest, I can already tell.

Here are some pics of the tulle costume I whipped up in 10 minutes. (Yeah right!)Don’t  get any ideas from these pictures that this year’s costumes will win any awards because they won’t. T-shirt dwarfs and felt beards, here we come!

What does your family do for Halloween or Fall Festival costumes?

Fall festival 2015 


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