Friday Farm-lights (and a few of my favorite things)

Is the end of the school year crazy-busy for you too? I don’t think I noticed it as much when our kids were younger. Maybe because they weren’t involved in many activities, but now that they are, it’s crazy! Plus, it’s potato harvest time, so Hubs has been working practically around the clock hauling taters back and forth. We’re back up at the farm, homeschooling at the office in between customers, and striving to remain focused while we’d rather be playing.

Did I mention the sunflowers? They started blooming behind the barn last week and they’re beautiful, adding a bright spot against the gray, rainy backdrop this week. Have you ever noticed that perfect spiral in them? It sent me in search of all things Fibonacci–sequences, spirals, and the golden number. While they’re fascinating, I wonder if I’m smart enough to “get it?” Either way, they’ll remain freshly-cut in vases all over the house for now!

So that’s what’s going on around the farm now –dance recitals, choir tour, tractors, trucks, potato harvest, sunflowers, and running on fumes! 😉 I keep thinking the summer is break time, but we will just move straight into harvesting corn. But, enough about work! Because of our schedule, I’ve spent less time around here and there are some things I’m LOVING this month!

I know, this is outside the scope of my usual posts, but there are some things just too important not to share. My kids think you’ll thank us later. Ha!

Here are my Five Friday Faves:

  1. Jonathan Park audio adventures–a friend introduced me to these a couple months ago. We grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey audio adventures and I wasn’t keen on switching. Until I tried the FREE trial. Y’all, my kids were blown away and wanted to subscribe to it! It’s awesome! Jonathan Park Unlimited is the most affordable option to listen and you can stream them anytime on any device. We’ve been streaming them when we’re riding in the car which is great for the kids but not for me because I want to take notes!

    “Jonathan Park action-packed audio adventures are for kids and families. The stories are full of faith-building and educational evidence for a Creator. They will ignite their imagination and equip them to defend their faith!”

    That’s the best reason to try it!

  2. Lily’s chocolate–I heard about this stevia-sweetened “candy” bar a while back and tried the dark chocolate one. For someone craving that sugar fix, it’ll do. But, for Mother’s Day, I tried Lily’s salted almond and milk one and I am hooked. I’m wondering if I can use my Amazon prime to bulk ship these to my home??? Seriously, you cannot even tell they are sugar-free! It’s a delicious option for the health-conscious mama and for me.
  3. Think Sport sunscreen–What would I do without friends? A couple of our kids are gingers and have the most sensitive skin, which is a problem living in the Sunshine State. This year, they reacted badly to our usual sunscreen so when a friend recommended Think Sport, we tried it! It has great coverage, smells good, and protected their skin from burning, and they didn’t have any sort of reaction to the product itself. If you’re looking for a summer sunscreen, try this!
  4. Home Depot FREE woodworking shop–How could I not love anything FREE? Have you been to these wood workshops for kids? I took the boys earlier this month and they had an absolute blast. We left covered in paint, toting four brightly-colored flower pot holders. They are adorable! And while I’ve seen my boys destroy some things at home with their tools, they’re surprisingly good with a hammer and nails. If you have a Home Depot near you, check out their website for the next free workshop. Maybe I’ll see you there. 😉
  5. Psalm 103–One thing I love about our homeschool curriculum is the passages they recommend memorizing. While we memorize Bible verses at home for ourselves, Awana, and Sunday school, we’ve never attempted a chapter with 22 verses until now. We are 10 verses in and counting. This chapter just does funny things to my heart though! Check it out for yourself when you get a chance and let us know if you want to memorize 22 verses with us! 😉

What do you think? Interested in any of my favorite things for May? (I’m not getting any sort of compensation, I just thought you might like to see what I’m into this month.) What are a few of your favorite things? Let me know below!











  1. Lisa says:

    Amanda, that daily drip of scripture memory with your kids is one of THE best investments you can make. Protect it and celebrate their wins! Another mom told me she wrote their name next to scripture memorized or let them write it. What a keepsake! We were sheet years into memorizing.

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