Finding Friendship Covered in Flour


After my mom passed away, I hurt deeply. I’d lost my best friend, the one who prayed for me, encouraged me, lifted me up, and made me laugh. It felt wrong and all kinds of sad for her to be gone. Then God, in all his goodness, gave me these beautiful, unlikely friendships. These women get me. They love me and I love them. Praise him from whom all blessings flow. Ladies, you are a blessing to me and I’m honored to call you friend and be a part of this mentoring ministry with you. Here’s our story:

A Flour-Covered Friendship

The rich tomato and oregano aroma of fresh baked pepperoni bread wafted through the room. I breathed deeply, anticipating the first cheesy bite. Women of various ages stood around the butcher block dining room, covered in flour dust, some still holding their rolling pins. I giggled softly. These women wouldn’t be seen in public wearing flour on their noses or brushed across their forearms, but here they didn’t seem to mind.

What an unusual group of women, I thought. Some widows. Some young moms. Some older moms. Some older married women. Different in many ways, but the one thing we all had in common was Jesus.

Just a few months ago, we passed each other at church, smiling and greeting one another, but the relationship stopped there. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. The busyness of life left us little time to socialize outside the church hour.

How different today would be if these women had declined the opportunity to mentor the younger women of the church.

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