An Insider’s View of the Soapery


Have you heard of bath bombs? Those delectable, delicious smelling bath treats that fizz and bounce all over the tub, dissolving in hot water? They’re amazing and some of my favorite bath treats, so when Athena from Antoinette’s Bath House offered us a private field trip teaching the kids how to create their own bath bombs, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse!

We were dazzled by the store -pink walls, bath bombs of every scent lined high on one wall, beautiful soap creations covering every table, soap for men, soap for women, whipped soap, bar soap, sugar scrubs, and more! Forget a mannequin in the window display, they have a horsequin with a bar of soap in its mouth! Pleasing to the eyes and the nose, Antoinette’s Bath House was a field trip delight for this mama of six.


Athena made each of us, including the twins, feel completely welcome as she ushered us into the back room, where she transforms ordinary kitchen ingredients like baking soda, corn starch, and Epsom salts into tantalizing bath treats.


First, the kids pulled gloves onto their hands to keep their creations clean. Then, we trooped over to the wall lined with scents for each child to pick their favorite fragrance. One of the boys spied candy sprinkles and sugar used to top some of the treats so of course we added that to our loot. We spread our ingredients across our work stations, pulling up stools for the shorter kids, and watched Athena whip up a basic bath bomb mixture. She dolled it out among each child’s bowl and they set to work crafting their bath treats.



I’ve gotta hand it to her –she’s extremely patient with the kids and they love her! Making bath bombs is difficult, trying to cram as much mixture in the molds as possible, gently twisting them, and separating the mold while retaining the shape. It’s not for the fainthearted or frustrated, but Athena taught the kids fool-proof tricks of the trade to remove the bombs every time.

Our field trip was well worth it and I highly recommend Antoinette’s Bath House for all your soap and bath bomb needs! Looking for a sweet Valentine gift? Check out her online shop or visit her store in downtown St. Augustine.

Stay posted for a Valentine’s giveaway from Antoinette’s Bath House!




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