A New Outlook for a New Year

  December didn’t go as planned. We said goodbye to two much-loved grandparents and a friend. Between funerals and the farm, we didn’t celebrate Christmas the way we intended but that’s ok because tomorrow is a brand new year and that means second chances. Hope. A fresh start. And those are all things we desperately need.

I’m not big on resolutions, mostly because people, including myself, make them and then forget them 3 months later. I recently heard someone say, “A goal you don’t write down is just a dream.” 

Goals. Resolutions. Are they the same? Definitely not. Wouldn’t we all resolve to be a better person? To do a better job at work? To be a better mom or wife? To eat healthier and get (or stay) in shape?

Sure, but resolutions without goals leaves us back where we started, mindlessly swimming in circles. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Let’s not have the 2016 year just be a year of swimming. If you’ve found yourself saying goodbye to 2015 with regrets or just hanging onto the seat of your pants trying to get by, join us in the new year for inspiration and direction from God’s Word, a heart of worship, and a focus on prayer.

I’m excited about several new opportunities in my life and on the blog. Several months ago I sent out a survey to you, the Farm Wyfe blog readers. The feedback was incredible and I’m thankful for those of you who took the time to answer. All of the suggestions were great but some have been put on hold due to my new schedule. Other suggestions you made will be implemented very soon!

Many of you requested a way to share prayer requests so that’s the first thing happening this year! Once a week we will have the opportunity to share prayer requests. You can comment at the bottom of the specific post with your request or hop over to our fb link and share there. If it’s too private but you’d like me to pray for you, shoot me an email or private message and I will commit to joining you in prayer.

Later this week and next, I’ll be sharing new, exciting things so make sure you’re following and don’t miss out on any big news!

Be safe this evening as you celebrate the New Year! More to share tomorrow!

Happy New Year,


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