5 Ways to Memorize Scripture That Actually Work

5 ways to memorize scripture that actually work by The Farm Wyfe

Have you ever had a problem memorizing Bible verses? Maybe you’ve come across one that dealt with your life in that moment but seconds after reading it, you forgot it? Me too. As kids, we soak up material like sponges, but as adults, we’re more like ratty magic erasers washing down the drain.

The more I age, the more I realize my memory isn’t what it used to be. Before it fades completely, my goal is to hide as many verses as possible in my heart.

Your word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

Growing up, my dad modeled the importance of Scripture memory and he often carried around a stack of note cards with verses written on them. After he’d memorized 50, he rotated them out for a new set. My siblings and I used to grab the stack and quiz him mercilessly and he never disappointed us. His example encouraged me to hide God’s word in my own heart.

Since then, I’ve learned my own techniques to memorization vary and I prefer a more colorful approach incorporating music and multiple note cards with the same passage posted in high traffic areas. You could even use a cute graphic with the verse as your phone’s lock screen.

The six kids and I recently started a new (to the littles) kid’s alphabet devotion and there’s a correlating memory verse with each day and letter. The verses are short making it a great entry-level memorization challenge, not to mention the real-life practical application.

Here are 5 ways to memorize Scripture that actually work—

  1. Speak it. Read the verse aloud at least 3x, up to 10x if you need it.
  2. Write it. Use a note card to print the verse or verses you want to memorize.
  3. See it. Post the note card where you’ll see it throughout the day. Mirror. Fridge. Desk. Lock Screen.
  4. Sing it. Check out Seeds Family Worship for upbeat music geared toward specific themes like faith, character, courage, and praise.
  5. Live it. Practice living the verse throughout the day. Don’t forget to ask God for grace to obey his word!

Sound impossible? I promise it’s not! In less than 3 minutes, you can read your verse aloud and write it on a notecard. Throughout the day, continue reading it anytime you see it. Play Scripture songs on your phone and sing the catchy tunes. Focusing on verses about joy? Look for opportunities to practice applying the verse in your life and find joy during the long line at the grocery store or in the car with bickering kids or at home with your husband after a stress-filled week. You’ll have plenty of moments to “practice what you preach.”

Speak it. Write it. See it. Sing it. Live it.

Need a few verses to get you started? Check out Psalms or Proverbs, which are both loaded with practical applications. Or find a praise song on the radio and google the lyrics. Chances are, it’s from a Bible verse and you probably are singing the lyrics to a verse you didn’t even realize. I can’t wait to hear what verses you choose!

If we can memorize 26 verses in 26 days, I know you can too! Add a few more and you could learn a new verse every day of the year! 365 days? 365 verses. What about you? How have you memorized Scripture? What are your favorite passages stored in your heart? Share your tips, tricks, and favorite verses below!



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