2015 Gift Guide for Kids (on a budget!)

 Not entirely sure what to get your kids (or grandkids) this Christmas? Try these tried and true gifts your kids will love and so will your wallet! Think outside the box and forget the typical made-in-China toys that’ll be broken next month and pick up a few of these gifts that will have a lasting impact on your child. These are all favorites my kids and I love, and I would recommend them over and over again!
1. Adventures in Odyssey CDs–these were a favorite of mine and my siblings growing up and several years ago we passed our collection down to my children. It was their first experience with Focus on the family  and  they absolutely loved listening to them on road trips or falling asleep to them in the evenings. If you can’t afford the $34 collections, click on the picture for the Amazon link for CDs starting at $2.99! Great stocking stuffer ideas!

Adventures In Odyssey CD


2. The Singing Bible CD–Can you tell we love CDs? I think it’s because so much of what we hear influences what we think and how we act so we try to soak up as much “goodness” as we can. Order this for your kids. You will love it and so will they! There are 4 CDs included and they literally sing cute Bible story songs from Creation to Revelation. (We actually have two sets–one for the car and one for the home!)

The Singing Bible


3. Egermeier’s Bible Story Book–Do you have a toddler Bible for your young child and are looking for the next step up? This Bible story book is perfect and will captivate all your children–our 9 year old still loves this book and hangs onto every word!

Egermeier’s Story Bible


4. 16-Piece Tool Kit in Pink or Blue–I’m a huge fan of encouraging creativity along with building motor skills. This is a great gift for your boy or girl and includes real tools. No more plastic stuff to be lost or broken! Don’t forget the nails, screws and wood (Home Depot gives away trash wood which may not be great for building a home but it’s perfect for your child to practice their woodworking skills)!

16-Piece Tool Set in Pink or Blue


5. Singer Sewing Machine–Sewing machines are a great tool and sewing is a great life skill to learn! You don’t know how to sew and can’t teach your daughter? No worries–me neither! There are endless tutorials on YouTube and fun sewing project books for beginners.


Singer Simple 23 Stitch Sewing Machine

6. American Girl Doll–Is your little girl growing up too fast? Invest in an American Girl doll for her! Girls grow up way too fast in our society and the peer pressure to grow up is strong. Give your daughter a sweet doll (it doesn’t have to be the expensive American Girl doll, but avoid those Bratz dolls!) and protect her innocence and childhood a little longer.

7. CAT Excavator–Does your boy love playing in the dirt? If so, he will love this remote controlled excavator to dig in the dirt until his heart’s content! Encouraging your son to play outdoors is a great release of energy for him and builds his sense of freedom and accomplishment in fun “work.”  Not into excavators? Tonka trucks and tractors are great ideas too!

CAT Excavator

8. Legos–Those colorful little blocks are a great gift for your kids even if they can stab like a knife if you stumble over them in the dark! #parentalsacrifice. These bricks are expensive so keep an eye out on Swip swap or eBay sites for great deals. We managed to snag a huge Rubbermaid container full of them for only $50 last year!


9. Magazine subscriptions–I don’t know about you, but my kids and I love getting mail and a magazine is an affordable gift to be delivered each month. Check out these Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazines!


Clubhouse magazine

10. Games–Our kids love playing games and I don’t mind buying them. I know they’ll constantly beg us to play and it’s a great way to force us to slow down and spend time just having fun with our kids. We throw in a few snacks, a fun game, and call it “Game Night.” Win-win for everyone!


Clue Jr

To sum up my thoughts on gift-giving, I would say we are very intentional with our gifts. Hubs and I want to give them something they will love but also something with a lasting value. The Bibles and CDs are an investment in their spiritual growth and that’s the most important part of parenting for us–teaching our children about Jesus and giving them a good, solid foundation. The other gifts are fun but also great for development and life skills.
I hope you’ve gotten some great ideas here! Have a wonderful time shopping for your family!

Your turn: What does gift giving mean to you and what is the most important gift you’ll give your child this Christmas?

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