12 Ways to Keep Your Man Happy

12 ways to keep your man happy

I know what you’re thinking and that’s a big one, but there are 14 other ways too. Chances are our husbands are drastically different on the outside, but on the inside, they’re similar. They have needs like we do and the more we meet those needs, the better your marriage will be. If these things work on my man, they’ll work on yours too!

We’re celebrating our 11th anniversary next month so we’ve been through awesome times and not-so-awesome times. We’ve learned how to love, how to give-and-take, and how to mesh differing opinions. We’ve traveled through the mountains on vacation and traveled through the farm fields trying to bump out a baby (or six!). We’ve seen each other at our worst and our best. In fact, we bring out the best in each other and make a pretty great team. I love my man but our marriage hasn’t been without struggles but we are stronger for them.

Lest you think I’m my husband’s mind-reader, let me assure you, he’s looking over my shoulder adding his comments right now. Between the two of us, we came up with this list –15 Ways to Keep My Man Happy.

  1. Being cheerful. Your man is strong, putting up with a lot at his job, so be genuinely cheerful when he comes home and rephrase those would-be complaints to neutral comments. He’ll thank you with a great attitude.
  2. Being positive. Let’s face it. We are surrounded by negativity at work, on the internet, even at church, but it doesn’t have to be that way at home. Think twice and find the positive in every situation.
  3. Being flexible. I think he suggested this for my benefit because I like my schedules and planning things. But when things don’t go exactly as they should, it’s an encouragement to Hubs if I can be flexible.
  4. Being a good steward of our finances. If your man is the breadwinner, know that he works hard to provide for your family and we can respect that by being a good steward of our finances. Be frugal. Think twice before you buy something. Do you really need it or can it wait? He’ll thank you by knowing he can trust you to make wise financial decisions.
  5. Being resourceful. Part of being a good steward is being resourceful with what you’ve got. I wanted new Christmas decorations last year but it just wasn’t in the budget so the kids and I turned to nature to create our decor. There are tons of great suggestions on Pinterest for using pinecones, greenery, and even sticks for decorations. This satisfies both Hubs and I.
  6. Being creative and involved with the kids. Hubs says when I do fun, creative things with the kids, he loves me even more and the same is true for him! There’s something special about your spouse squatting eye-level with your child and paying attention to them. It’s a win-win for the entire family.
  7. Not nagging. He hasn’t forgotten the grass hasn’t been mowed this week; in fact, he sees it every time he drives home, so stop nagging. Imagine his surprise if you mowed it yourself or hired someone to do the job just once (unless your income allows for more).
  8. Keeping him fed. I don’t wake up at 4am to cook him a hot breakfast but he does appreciate if I make him muffins or a burrito the night before and leave it in the fridge for him to grab on the way to the barn. He also loves a good home-cooked meal, even on our busy days, so the crockpot can be a lifesaver to busy families!
  9. Affirming him. This is a huge one for Hubs because his main love language is affirmation. A kind word meant to build him up goes a long way in encouraging him and keeping him happy. It’s important for your man to know you think he is great. Saying an affirming word makes my man happy and me too!
  10. Respecting him. This is huge. Your man deserves your respect, especially in our gender-confused society where men are treated like dirt and “less than” a woman. Neither sex is less important than the other–we were created equally so listen to what your man says and respect him. If you disagree, save it for behind closed doors.
  11. Being available. There are so many things to occupy our time–kids, chores, social media–and it can be devastating to our marriages. None of those are worth sacrificing your marriage so take the time to cut out the noise and listen to your man. Pay attention to what he’s saying and just be there if he needs you.
  12. Enjoying sex. Not acting like it’s a chore. We all have those exhausting days where all we want to do is fall into bed and sleep. But what your man really wants is for you to stay awake a few minutes longer and reconnect with him before drifting off to sleep. And enjoy it.

What you and your man have is amazing so don’t let our society’s stance on marriage ruin your relationship. Of course, you both want to be in a happy place, so try these 12 Ways to Keep Your Man Happy and let me know how they worked in your home. A happy man makes a happy family!

Now that Hubs has gone to bed, let me tell you something. There are plenty of other ways to make your man happy. Little things like making or buying his favorite treat, or creating space when he comes home from work for a transition period, or doing things he used to enjoy before you married. If you’re looking for even more ideas, hop on over to the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study and join us for a 21-day challenge, The Husband Project, with Kathi Lipp. You can find the e-book here and catch up in no time. Go here to sign up for the weekly emails and videos.




  1. Kim says:

    Loved these reminders – in a crazy time with kids and financial struggles, I have to remember there are two of us in this team. He’s the greatest, and I need to be better.

  2. Jasmine Hewitt says:

    YES! All of these work, it’s not just about “keeping his stomach full and his ___ empty” (as my father-in-law put it!), it requires a few more things…all of them worth it

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