10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Because its Fri-yay and time to have some fun! Here are 10 surprising things you didn’t know about me. Brace yourself. We will either be best friends or worst enemies after you read this but either way, I trust you to keep these things to yourself and on the down low (does anyone even say that anymore?).

Disclaimer: Do not read if you have anything against sentence fragments. Because if sentence fragments were illegal, I’d be in jail right now.

10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. For the longest time, I pronounced potash “Poe-tash.” ?┬áIt’s pot-ash.
  2. We planned to build a house once upon a time until we realized we built twins instead. ? #nomoneyforboth
  3. I love to read! Anything, everything. Well, except your palms because I’m not a palm reader.
  4. Brownies are my weakness. I pretend there’s no sugar in them and hold my nose while eating but it doesn’t matter–it ends up on my bottom half anyway.
  5. I type freakishly fast, like 75 wpm. My friend, Melanie, used to say that was because I played the piano and piano players type fast too. But, who knows?
  6. Boots are my jam. Or flip flops, because I live in sunny FL and flip flops are required.
  7. Throughout high school and college, my family called me by my rapper name–White Chocolate. #whitegirlsraptoo #wannabe
  8. There are lots of things I “used to do.” And then I had twins. And now it’s all about survival of the fittest.
  9. I won’t cook in a dirty kitchen. Because that’s just gross. #cleanbeforecooking
  10. Why yes, I actually do know how they make babies. They make them in China where we outsource our manual labor and then they’re delivered here by stork. #smartypants

I hope you had as much fun reading that as I did writing it. Now it’s your turn.

We want to hear something crazy and fun about you. In 5 words or less, share in the comment section the most interesting thing about you! Aaannddddd…..go!

White Chocolate and the Christmas (W)Rappers



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